SuperSounds Has All The Music You Want

SuperSounds has an extensive music database of over 54,000 songs, covering every genre and decade! From oldies, to classics, to the hottest hits that just hit the airwaves, we have all your favorites, plus some you haven’t discovered yet!

You can create as customized of a play list as you want, or just give us your basic likes and dislikes and we will custom craft one for you. Guests can even request their favorites during your event to keep the party constantly evolving and grooving!

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Online List Updated 6/12/23

  • Our music library is updated with 240 new songs EVERY MONTH!  So we will have the most current hits!


Supersounds Has You Covered!  CLICK HERE to access our WEDDING SONG IDEAS Playlists !

*Use these lists to help you make the reference playlists for your wedding!!!! Cheers!!!