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**Note** Please consider the purpose of these videos is for you to determine if you like the sound of the dj’s voice. Please don’t judge the video based on musical content as that will change when you submit your request list and your individual preferences. We feel that it is important for you to know what your dj sounds like before you hire them. All our djs can talk as much or as little as you would like. We have been pleasing brides (and grooms) for over 35 years.

Grant Allendorf - Owner

10 Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ Before Your Hire One

10 Questions You Should Ask a Wedding DJ Before You Hire One - Grant Allendorf (click here to view PDF format!) How many weddings have you conducted and played for in your DJ career? DJ experience may be the most important criterion in selecting a DJ.

Ryan Allendorf

Mike Toomey

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Mike Toomey | SuperSounds Entertainment Co

Advice for Couples First, congratulations! It's exciting to get married, it's wonderful to be married, and you're almost there. My best advice is to plan everything you want, share everything you want with your vendors, and trust them to make it happen!

Bucky Brandt

Featured Vermont DJ: Bucky Brandt | Vermont Wedding DJ | Supersounds Entertainment, Since 1978

Sometime in the early 1990s, my neighbor, Supersounds founder and owner Grant Alledorf, asked me if I might want to become a DJ and work for him, and in the late spring of 1995, I began this completely unexpected and remarkably rewarding journey that has now led to my DJing more than 2500 events from weddings to corporate parties to mitzvahs to school dances to anniversaries to entertainment for tourists-all while teaching English and coaching lacrosse at Mount Mansfield Union High School.

Paul Pecor

Duane Dakin

DJ Duane Dakin

There is no substitute for an experienced wedding DJ at your big day. The DJ makes it the time of your life! You want to guarantee success!

Corey Hevrin

Jarryd Audette

Matt Emery