My name is Tyler Wilcox, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been OBSESSED with music – all facets of it – from the way it sounds, to the way it makes me feel, to even the way a musician holds their instrument while they’re playing! Music is  has both followed, and led me through so many different stages of my life.
I spent my early adult life attending as many concerts as my schedule, and wallet, would allow. Later on, I dabbled with music production, and eventually learned to mix live sound. About three years ago I started DJing in Downtown Burlington, where I had regular sets Thursday to Saturday and hosted Karaoke on Sundays. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!
It is such a great feeling to curate an evening for groups of people and leave them all smiling as they walked out the door. This experience in the club opened up opportunities for me to DJ at weddings, baby showers, and the occasional hip hop show, and additionally, becoming a sound guy at Red Square in Burlington.
The ability to use my own creative process while continuing to give clients a familiar experience, became an artform all its own. Though it is a creative outlet, it is still something I take seriously.
As your DJ I will create an atmosphere that is inviting, exciting, and fun-inciting for everyone who attends, because what good is a party that doesn’t leave you smiling?!