About Your Vermont Wedding DJ

Grant Allendorf - Owner

Having started Supersounds in 1978, Grant traveled to every corner of Vermont DJing hundreds of weddings for happy couples all while managing the multi-DJ company.
Currently, he manages all bookings and operations for Supersounds and The Mansfield Barn.  
Grand Allendorf, Owner & DJ Supersounds Entertainment Inc.

10 Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ Before Your Hire One

10 Questions You Should Ask a Wedding DJ Before You Hire One - Grant Allendorf (click here to view PDF format!) How many weddings have you conducted and played for in your DJ career? DJ experience may be the most important criterion in selecting a DJ.

Ryan Allendorf - Admin Support

After spending 13 years traveling Vermont as a wedding DJ, Ryan currently assists with business operations, website, social, and bookings for Supersounds.
Vermont Wedding DJ Ryan Allendorf