Audio/Visual Rentals

Supersounds AV has been providing rentals and tech support to Vermont hotels and businesses since 1982. We provide LCD projectors, sounds systems, wireless microphones, mixers, and full tech support for your next conference or banquet.  We provide LCD Projector rentals and audio visual rentals to Burlington, VT and surrounding areas!

Call us at 802-899-2823 or email us for your quote.  See our listing below of our services and pricing.

Video/Computer Equipment

MITSUBISHI LCD PROJECTOR(3500 Lumen): $200/day, $800/week
HITACHI PROJECTOR (8000 LUMENS): $300/day, $1000/week
LAPTOP COMPUTER: $200/day, $600/week
REMOTE MOUSE: $20/day, $60/week


DA-LITE 6’X6′  TRIPOD SCREEN: $50/day, $100/week
DA-LITE 7’x7′ TRIPOD SCREEN: $50/day, $100/week
DA-LITE 8’X8′ TRIPOD SCREEN: $50/day, $100/week
DA-LITE 6’X8′ FAST FOLD (REAR): $175/day, $500/week
DA-LITE 7.5’X10′ FAST FOLD (REAR): $225/day, $600/week
DA-LITE 9’x 12′ FAST FOLD (FRONT/REAR): $300/day, $900/week

Video Equipment

SONY DVD/Blu Ray PLAYER: $40/day, $160/week
A/V CART: $20/day, $60/week
TV / VCR / AV CART PACKAGE: $145/day, $335/week
47″ LCD TV – SAMSUNG/SONY: $175/day, $500/week
68″ LED TV – SAMSUNG: $300/day, $500/week

Meeting Aids

LASER POINTER: $25/day, $100/week
EASEL: $20/day, $60/week
EASEL, FLIPCHART PAD, & MARKER: $40/day, $100/week
POLYCOM SPEAKER PHONE: $75/day, $150/week

Audio Equipment

$175/speaker, $500/week
Corded MICROPHONE: $50/day, $80/week
SHURE WIRELESS MIC HANDHELD: $100/day, $300/week
SHURE WIRELESS MIC LAVALIER/over ear mike: $100/day, $300/week
4 CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER: $125/day, $120/week
8 CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER: $175/day, $500/week
16 CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER: $250/day, $700/week
TABLETOP MIC STAND: $20/day, $80/week
MICROPHONE STAND: $20/day, $60/week
COMPACT DISC RECORDER: $125/day, $450/week

Specialty Rentals

SUPERSTROBE: $50/day, $150/week
4 ULTRAVIOLET BLACK LIGHTS: $60/day, $200/week
FOG MACHINE: $60/day, $220/week
VERTIGO LIGHT: $30/day, $100/week
PIN SPOTS: $40/day, $80/week
PAR 46 WASH LIGHTS: $40/day, $80/week
Uplights: $800/day, $2,000/week
HI-TECH LIGHT SHOW: $300/day, $1,200/week
MIRROR BALL & MOTOR: $150/day, $400/week


MON-FRI 7AM-5PM: $45/hour
MON-FRI 5PM-12MID: $55/hour
SATURDAY: $55/hour
SUNDAY: $65/hour
HOLIDAYS: $85/hour

(1 hour minimum charge)

Other Services

Full video production services featuring: broadcast quality, computer graphics, animation, digital non-linear editing and over 40 years of award winning video productions.

Same Day Emergency Delivery Charge $75.00