Uplights can transform your party from great to amazing!! The hottest craze in lighting today!!

But not all uplights are the same!! We use the Chauvet Well2 uplights, one of the best on the market today. Some companies are giving away uplights or charging small amounts for them and that is because you get what you pay for.  A low capacity low quality uplight will not produce the images you see here.  Check out our demo uplight video below and see the pics!!!

Wide spectrum to accommodate most ANY color you need!!!

Uplights for the evening $1200.00 with a technician.

If paid in full within 2 weeks of booking the event we will reduce the uplight fee to $700.00. That is a $500.00 savings!!!

Indoor Event Uplighting

Outdoor Event Uplighting (i.e. Tents / Barns)