Vermont DJ Equipment

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Professional DJ Equipment

Professional, high quality (expensive) equipment is an indicating factor of the quality of your DJ.  It shows how serious he/she is about their job.  You can rest easy knowing Supersounds uses high-end quality gear, for the best quality listening experience, and reliability at your event.  We invest in our success, which equals success on your big day!

SuperSounds Entertainment, Inc. uses Professional Equipment at every Wedding, School, Corporate, College, or Fun Fads entertainment event. Our equipment list includes the following:

Equipment List

QSC K12.2, and RCF HD-32A, Powered Speakers

Shure UHF SM58 Wireless and SM58 Corded Microphones

Denon DJ Prime Go Media Player All-In-One

Chauvet Shadow Ultraviolet LED Flat Panel Lights

Chauvet Color Palette LED DMX Light

 Speaker Stand Skirts

Large Table Facade

*A Complete Backup Music Player System (Backup Speakers, Backup Music Player, Backup Everything!)

Ultimate Support Stands

SKB Console Road Case

Furman Surge Suppressor Voltage Meter