DJ Claudia Pawlikowski

Greetings!  I’m Claudia, a dynamic and versatile DJ with a decade of experience in the world of music education. Hailing from the picturesque town of Burlington, VT, I bring a unique blend of musical expertise and passion to every event. My deep understanding of music theory, coupled with my practical experience, allows me to craft unforgettable musical experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages!

A proud alumna of the renowned Berklee College of Music, I’m not just a DJ; I’m also a passionate songwriter and performer. My talents extend beyond the DJ booth, as I can effortlessly transition between playing the guitar, piano, and singing.

My love for music is evident in every beat, melody, and song I select, ensuring that each event I DJ is nothing short of magical !

I would be honored to DJ for your wedding or event!

Thank you!

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