DJ in Vermont: Molly Mood

Hi I’m Molly,

I am a native Vermonter with over four years of experience DJing at clubs, all kinds of events, and parties. I bring good energy to every event that I play at, and I am able to maintain strong engagement with the crowd throughout any type of celebration. I believe in staying open-minded to all kinds of music, and am always on the hunt for songs to add to my extensive collection! I love listening to music – and am always listening to the music playing around me. I find myself quickly pulling my phone out to Shazam a song in the grocery store or while at a restaurant. I enjoy everything from pop to reggae, country to disco and much more!
In my spare time, I love cooking and baking. I am passionate about healthy eating and supporting local businesses and farmers. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, exercising and being with my family.
I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of music you’d like for your special day, and creating the perfect playlist for you and your guests! I would be honored to be a part of your celebration and the memories that you’ll cherish forever.
I currently have a weekly residence every Saturday at Red Square Bar in Burlington, VT !  See media below!

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