DJ Patrick Brady

Hello! My name is Patrick,
I am excited to be a part of your event! I have over 15 years of experience in the event production, music, festival, and F&B industries. I joined the Supersounds Entertainment team in 2023 and am thrilled to count myself among this accomplished group of DJ and entertainment professionals!
I believe that music inspires connection and community. I travel for music and am in constant pursuit of a great live show. I understand fully the power of music, and how a specially crafted playlist/setlist can be the perfect conduit to a wonderful evening. A DJ’s responsibility is to approach each event with enthusiasm, professionalism, and flexibility. Additionally, the DJ must keep the party rocking! I love playing music for people, ensuring that they are comfortable and having a wonderful time.
I can’t wait to utilize my passion, talents, and years of experience to bring you an unforgettable event. I look forward to discussing how I can make your event perfect for you and your guests!

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