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DJ Ryan shares what he feels are the most important aspects of DJing a wedding!

Advice for Couples

Your wedding day will be the fastest day of your life!  Let me say that again; your wedding day will be the FASTEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.  You will blink, and it will be done! Then you will say “I can’t believe how much fun we had!”  So my advice is to take a moment during the wedding with your spouse, take them aside, take a deep breathe, and just slow it down, and watch everything that’s happening.  You’ll be happy you did, and you will have the best memories for years to come!!!! Savor the day! It will be tremendous!   

Why Someone Would Hire Me As A DJ, and What I feel are the most important parts of your wedding day!

One of the best questions to ask your DJ is “why should you hire them?”  What makes them different than any other DJ? I have many answers for this question.  Firstly, you should hire me as your DJ because I care immensely about the success of all aspects of your wedding day, and help coordinate it all!  I have heard way too many horror stories about DJs who were either too ignorant, or who just plain didn’t care to help coordinate important events at the wedding!  You want a team-player at the most fun day of your life! That is why it’s so important to find someone who cares about your wedding day.  You can tell this just by chatting on the phone with them, and getting a sense of their attitude. If you don’t like their attitude, stay away! There are many more aspects of a wedding that are so important to its success.  I will cover them here below!

Secondly, the ceremony sound is an area that I take great pride in, and so do all of the DJs at Supersounds.  The ceremony sound is so important.  How many times do you hear a wedding guest say “Yeah it was a beautiful wedding, but I couldn’t hear a word the officiant said!”  I have heard that from others a lot!  Notedly, outdoor sound can be difficult, however I have a proven regimen to get loud, clear sound despite windy days and/or a large attendance.  All the guests seated in the back, will be able to hear the entire ceremony.   I have gotten so many compliments on my ceremony sound, and am grateful to provide such a great experience for our clients.  Firstly, we have the correct microphone for the officiant (an over-ear Broadway type microphone). This wirelessly connects to two 600w speakers.  For any readings or vows that are done, we provide an additional microphone for those. Proper mic-ing is essential for a successful ceremony sound with over 50 guests in attendance.

Thirdly, I keep the dance floor rocking.  A lot of couples tell me they want a DJ that is laid back, who doesn’t run a circus by interacting with the crowd and doing cheesy games all night. I agree with my couples, and will provide as much, or as little, interaction as they wish.  The dance floor will ebb and flow during the evening naturally as guests travel from the bar back to the dance floor. On some occasions, guests may need a little incentive to start dancing, or keep dancing.  I have tricks that are proven to get people on the dancefloor and keep them having fun.  On this, I deliver. These methods are extremely short, to the point, and after a few short minutes, end with a packed dance floor rocking the night away!  A great question to ask your DJ is “What are your methods for getting people to the dancefloor?” Important Note:  Line/Group Dances DO NOT get people out on the dancefloor!  Only a DJ with proper, tactful MC techniques, and music selections does this!!

Fourth, I have extensive back-up equipment.  In the 15 years of DJing, I have had rare occurrences of “technical difficulty.”  Those that did occur, were corrected and fixed without the client ever knowing. Having backup equipment is essential for the success of any event.  For example, I carry a bag that contains an array of auxiliary cords and different connectors. Numerous times I have assisted videographers, letting them borrow a crucial cable they were missing.  Extra power cords are another thing we carry. I have lent these to vendors in dire straits on many occasions! Being a team-player is what it is all about. A great question to ask your DJ is “How many feet of power cord do you carry with you?”  I carry 400 feet.

Lastly, and most importantly, experience matters.  I have the experience it takes to sail your wedding on smooth seas through the party waters!  Having fun is a serious business to me! With experience comes specific knowledge of the details of weddings you can only gain from doing a lot of them.  For example, I often create a timeline for the wedding day. Planning is so important. When a high-end caterer asks for my timeline, and uses it to draw up their master schedule for the day, I know I am contributing as an asset to the team of vendors to make the day a success!  Communication and interpersonal skills are developed when someone has done a lot of weddings.  You have a friend who does some DJing on the side, but if they have not done a lot of weddings, they will be lacking in the important details. Such details include the DJ checking in with the photographer/videographer and caterer before important toasts and dances.  You don’t want the photographer in the other room while you are dancing with your mom or dad!!! It is important to ask your DJ, “how many weddings have you done?”  I have played at over 400 weddings, and have been DJing professionally for over 13 years.


Yes, more!  I also do not drink at your wedding, or any event.  My job is to facilitate the party animals and get them to go crazy and wild – but never for me to act in such a way!  The attention is on the guests and the newlyweds! What is fun for me, is knowing I’m doing my job elevating the party to the next level!  And, drunk DJs tend to play their music way too loud.  My goal throughout the evening, even during dancing, is to play music at a reasonable volume, so that folks at their tables or by the bar can have a conversation and still hear the person next to them!  Even if it is loud and rocking on the dancefloor, this volume happy-medium is easily achievable!

Thank you for reading! I hope you consider me for your next wedding or event!  Cheers!

Ryan & Alyssa Allendorf (9-10-16)

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My Experience

I have been a DJ for over 18 yrs.

2006-2010 – College party & School Dance DJ
2010-2015 – Resident Club/Bar DJ at Ri Ra Irish Pub in Burlington
2010-2022 – Wedding & Event DJ for Supersounds Entertainment
2022-Present – Vibe. Party. Club. Bar. Apres Ski. DJ, in addition to Marketing, Sales, and Lighting Design for Supersounds Entertainment



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