Groomsmen gift ideas for your Vermont Wedding!

This article is for Grooms and what to give your groomsmen / groomspersons as a gift to say “Thank You” for being in my wedding! This is a great gesture, as your groomsmen may be spending extra money and time helping you with your big day! It’s a nice way to say “Thanks, Pal, I love ya!”

The big question is “What the heck do I get them!!???” I have 3 criteria for this gift: A) Something Useful B) Something That Will Last A Lifetime and C) Something that will remind them of your friendship and your big day!

Letter C might be the most important! But B and A are arguably just as crucial!!! I also include D) something that is not too boring!! Opinion: Toiletry bags are great but they’ve been done before! Also they aren’t they type of thing everyone gets excited about! Something out-of-the-box might be right for you and your groomsmen / groomspersons!!

In my personal experience, I have received 2 groomsmen gifts that I remember and still use to this day, even after 15+ years! The first is a Leatherman multi-tool. I keep it in my car, and it will save you when you least expect it. You are guaranteed 100% to use one of these. And Yes, the pliers in the multi-tool are way more useful than any swiss army knife!!! The 2nd is a hand-blown monogrammed rocks glass. Flasks are great too, but not everyone goes camping often, or nips on their spirits daily! The glass is a perfect way to enjoy the occasional drink, filling the drinker with not only alcohol, but with fond memories of the person who gave it to them! It makes the drink taste better!

  • Consider an assortment of items! A goodie box! I gave my groomsmen a goodie bag of all sorts of trinkets – bottle openers, pocket knifes, stainless mugs, etc. You can throw in some coffee, liquor, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc etc the sky is the limit!!
  • Zippo Lighters! Monogrammed, or not, have a lifetime warranty, and even if your groomsmen don’t enjoy even an occasional cigar or two, these are great for camping and using around the house.
  • Stanley drinkware! Monogrammed, or not, these things are rugged and will be around a long time! And they have a great nostalgic look to them! Consider perhaps a gift set or mug!
  • Rocks Glasses! Mentioned previously – these are great pieces that your buddies will enjoy for years to come!
  • Multi-Tools! Also mentioned above, these are so useful it’s not even funny! Try to get one of decent quality and it will last a lifetime! Your groomsmen are GUARANTEED to use them and appreciate this gift!
  • INSIDER TIP: Don’t DIY!!! Unless you have some crazy cool idea, you may want to keep it simple and easy by buying some stuff with your hard earned money! You will be spending plenty of time getting ready for your wedding and this is another thing you may not want to have on your DIY plate. DIY projects eat a ton of time and can get aggravating!!


Thanks for reading and wishing you the best of times with your groomspersons, and of course, your fiancé too!!!! Cheers to the bachelor party!!

-Ryan Allendorf



Ok but really – what are some actual ideas ??!! You want to get this done now!!! Below are some options that I really love!

Some of these gifts are sourced right here in Vermont! We recommend ordering through their website or stopping by McNeil and Reedy in Rutland, VT for a wide variety of high quality Vermont groomsmen gifts!!!