Featured Vermont DJ: Bucky Brandt

Vermont Wedding DJ Bucky Brandt

Sometime  in the early 1990s, my neighbor, Supersounds founder and owner Grant Allendorf, asked me if I might want to become a DJ and work for him, and in the late spring of 1995, I began this completely unexpected and remarkably rewarding journey that has now led to my DJing more than 2500 events from weddings to corporate parties to mitzvahs to school dances to anniversaries to entertainment for tourists--all while teaching English and coaching lacrosse at Mount Mansfield Union High School.  At least 500 of these events have been weddings. I had no idea at the time how much I would come to love working for and being with people at their most joyous and intimate occasions. I am surprised how often I find myself moved to tears (well nearly--I am working) when I listen to a speech by a maid of honor, a best man, or a father of the bride I do not know about a bride or groom I also do not know.  Nevertheless, one of the truly serendipitous and joyful aspects of DJing for me has been that about four or five times a year I have the good and rich pleasure of DJing the wedding of a former student or lacrosse player.  So while I always enjoy the personal connection with our customers, the connection is all the more full at these events. Like all Supersounds DJs, I take great pleasure in working with the crowd to build the party and the dancefloor in order to allow people to be their very best at their most important occasions.  It is a tremendous privilege that I do not take for granted to have a job in which my goal and the source of my personal satisfaction is to make people happy--to push them to elation and create a sense of euphoria--all in a style that most suits them.  Whether I am at a dinner cruise on the lake, a school dance in a drab gym, or a grand wedding at a classic Vermont venue, this goal of making people smile and letting them find the most joy they can keeps me working hard for our customers and brings me as much pure exuberance as I believe and hope it brings them.


My Family--circa 2011

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ: Duane Dakin

A Word From DJ Duane on his experience and why he will take your event to the next level!

Hi, my name is DJ Duane, and I have worked as a DJ at SuperSounds since 2000. In that time I have amassed a repertoire of more than two-thousand events! As the company’s manager from 2008-2018, there is not an event, style, or theme I haven’t performed at with top-notch results. Today I specialize mostly with weddings as the chosen “primary lead DJ” for Grant at the Mansfield Barn Wedding Venue. There are numerous online videos of me at work, and over twenty evaluations on Wedding Wire.

If you choose to have me do your event I will dot my “I’s and cross my “T’s” as I have done for hundreds of others.  There is NO substitute for experience on your big day!

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Jeff Springer

DJ Jeff Springer

Hi “MY NAME IS JEFF.” I have served all varieties of events and groups for years.  I have worked with crowds of 500 adults to 500 teenagers. I have done small parties to large weddings. I have DJ’d and MC’d all types of events and know it is my job to make your party a success for you and your guests.  If you want a DJ who will serve you with excellence and create great memories, then I am your guy!  I will give you what you want and understand you and your wedding needs.  I can adjust to your requests on the spot, will be prepared for everything, and service your event with the highest quality. I am approachable, caring, empathetic, fun, and honest, love to make others happy, and help you have a great time!  The day is your day, and I will make it your best day!

DJ Jeff & His Familiy at the Burlington Waterfront

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

Thinking of hiring a wedding videographer for your event?  Here are some questions you need to ask, if you want to get the best! 


Do I really need a wedding video? YES, and here’s why!

Often couples will write-off having video at their wedding, due to the added expense, and the focus on the wedding photographer.  Undoubtedly the pictures are SO IMPORTANT! However, without video, you will never be able to look back and hear your vows, readings, and the toasts given!  Those once-in-a-lifetime moments will be lost to distant memory without video. Not to mention that video proof of the wild party animals in action will be lost as well!  With your wedding video, your wedding will be captured to treasure for years to come!


What experience and strategies do you have that others don’t for getting the best video?

Make sure your videography company is experienced and has been doing weddings for at least 5 years.  Video Memory has been filming weddings since 1980, and knows all of the tricks of the trade to capture your special day and get great footage.  One example for sunny days - for church ceremonies - the videographer will have someone shut the doors after the bride and her father enter the church.  This allows for better lighting (less backlight) for the bride and her father during their processional! Another example is for when we shoot a wedding.  We have a checklist of positioning and particular shots that must be made. This is crucial for the fine details of your wedding, so that everything is captured to treasure for years to come!!!  Those particular moments include guests arriving to the ceremony and reception, and also cocktail hour mingling. This helps set the scene of what happened and who was at your wedding. Again, small parts like this ensure nothing is left out of capturing the biggest day of your life!


What is your backup equipment?

A good videographer will have backup equipment that is the same quality or identical to their primary camera.  Also ask how many cameras the videographer carries with him/her.


How do you ensure quality audio?

This is especially important.  A good videographer must have at least 2 sources of audio for your event!  If any weather, or unforeseen circumstance was to interfere with 1 audio source, there must be at least one backup!  Having 3 Sources of audio is the best!!!


How will I get my final video and what quality will it be in?

Will the videographer send it to you via USB, DVD, BLU RAY ?  This is a great question to ask before you are sent a format that is not convenient for you.  For example, if you do not have a Blu-Ray player then you may want it in a streaming format, or USB.


How many hours of coverage is included in the price? 

This may seem basic, but be sure to compare services and quotes because some companies may offer more or less hours of coverage.  Videographers range in price vastly, so be sure to check around, and get specifics of exactly what is included in your price. Also how long will the video be that is being produced?  Do you get all, or most of the raw footage? These are all great questions to ask while comparing services and researching options.


After reading this we hope you are well-equipped to get the best videography service that is right for you!  To engaged couples, we wish you congratulations, and the best of luck with the wedding planning process! The adventure is beginning, and what fun it will be!  Cheers! And don’t forget to get wild for the video!!!!


How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event

How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event


Thinking about a photo booth for your next event but don’t know exactly what to do?  Should you do it yourself? Hire a company? Or Have a friend do it? If you do it yourself, should you use an ipad, or what kind of camera?  Maybe a Polaroid photo booth station? In this article we will cover some of the pros and cons of photo booth options.  


Firstly, do you want digital images?  If no, then the polaroid booth with a backdrop may be an option for you.  With that said, in this day and age, it is so simple to have those images in digital format to last forever, and will also give you the option to print and enlarge particular ones that may be hilariously amazing!!!  With a polaroid option, you have only one copy of each picture, and risk losing that moment forever! If you do want digital images, you may want to use an ipad or ipod with a backdrop as a photo booth station. While the quality of phones and ipads have increased over the years, enlarging such a compressed file won’t end up with the best result!  Also, it may be difficult to hook up a printer at the event - so you are left with digital images only.


Secondly, how many copies of the photo do you want to print?  If there are multiple guests in a single picture, you may want more than one copy of the picture for the guests to take home!  Having a polaroid camera leaves only one copy! Having an ipad may not have an option to have any printed copies! This is where hiring a company who specializes in photo booths may be the right choice for your event.  Hiring the right photo booth service will allow you to get both printed copies at the event for guests to take home, and digital copies that are high quality!

Hiring a photo booth service - what questions to ask them?  If you decide to hire a photo booth service, there are important questions to ask the company providing it, to make sure you are getting the highest quality service.  These are all elements that make hiring a service well worth the cost!

Do I get the digital images and printed copies?  A good photo booth rental company will give you both the digital images, and also printed copies at the event for your guests to take home.

How many hard copies are printed at the event?  There is usually more than one person in a photo booth picture, so having at least 2 copies printed at the event is a must!

How many pictures are taken per session?  Some photo booths may only take 3 pictures per session.  Others take 6 pictures per session - so you are getting more bang for your buck with 6 pictures, and more fun for the guests!  Also, you will end up with more digital pictures at the end if the photo booth service does 6 pictures per session!

Is the booth enclosed, or open air?  There are many options when it comes to photo booths.  Small booths hold only 2 people. Jumbo booths hold up to 15 people!  Open air booths can hold a lot more! *** The open air photo booths, we have found, do not allow for an intimate, fun, “candid” setting and don’t produce pictures that are as much fun!  The privacy of an enclosed booth, sets the scene for hilarious pictures!!!!!!

Is there an attendant with the booth? And are they FUN?  Some photo booth rentals may not come with an attendant.  The attendant helps the guests utilize the photo booth to its fullest potential, meaning that they make sure the guests know how many pictures are being taken, where to look, and make prop and pose suggestions!  If you have the right attendant, they will take the booth to the next level of fun, and your pictures will reflect that!!!! For example, if guests don’t know where to look, or if they walk out after 3 pictures, and the booth takes 6, then you have lost photos, and photos that don’t come out as good!!!!  The attendant also deals with any technical issues that could arise! If you do not have an attendant, there is potential failure!!!

What do you have backup equipment???  Is there backup equipment on hand if something malfunctions on the photo booth?  Technical issues can arise on rare occasions, and it is imperative to have backup equipment to remedy the situation so the show goes on!  For an event such as your wedding, or bar mitzvah, you don’t want to lose those memories and want to make sure the booth is running for your guests the entire time!  Our company, Green Mountain Photo Booth essentially carries 2 identical photo booth systems to the job, so that if anything were to malfunction - we would immediately have it fixed!!

What camera is used and quality are the images?   The camera used should be a reputable digital camera, with high megapixels.  Should you decide to enlarge the images, this will make them much clearer, and sharper!!!  You will be glad when you have a real gem of a photo that needs to be framed, posted on social, or put up on a billboard!!


All of these reasons above should indicate that hiring a photo booth rental company can be a valuable endeavor, especially when you are hosting an event such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, or anniversary party.  I am always surprised by how much fun is had by guests having a few cocktails, and getting in the photo booth to have fun, let loose a little, and take some funny photos! A pro tip: always have props - of some kind.  There is always a party animal or two who will put the props together to make everyone laugh! Thanks for reading this article, and don’t forget…. SMILE!!!



Postponing or Canceling Your Wedding or Event Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Wedding Planner's Guide to Postponing or Canceling Your Wedding or Event Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The outbreak of coronavirus has had far reaching impacts over the past few weeks. And, for many individuals, it's personal. From weddings to celebratory showers and planned trips, COVID-19 has forced couples to cancel and postpone long-awaited events. Navigating the logistics and etiquette of handling these decisions is stressful during an already confusing time.

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Mike Toomey

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ: Mike Toomey

Mike shares advice for wedding planning, and what distinguishes him as a wedding DJ!

Advice for Couples

First, congratulations! It’s exciting to get married, it’s wonderful to be married, and you’re almost there.

My best advice is to plan everything you want, share everything you want with your vendors, and trust them to make it happen!

Everyone involved in your day has the goal of making your wedding exactly what you want it to be. Share what you’ve imagined and know that your vendors will bring it to life. And once you’ve shared everything and your day finally arrives, relax and enjoy every moment. You won’t need to check the time, check if something or someone is ready, or wonder what’s happening next. We’ll take care of all of that for you.

I started with SuperSounds in 1999. I’ve played at between 500 and 600 weddings. That’s given me the chance to get to know so many of the photographers, officiants, banquet coordinators, wedding planners, and videographers all over Vermont. We’ve all worked together many times and many are my friends. We trust each other and know that we can make your day happen exactly the way you want it to happen. If you’re working with vendors with the same level of experience, you can trust us too. In the months before your wedding, we’ll exchange email and you’ll let me know everything you’ve planned. When we get together on the phone a week before your wedding, we’ll review all of your plans. I’ll ask lots of questions, including the names of all of your vendors. Most of them I’ll know, and if there are any that I don’t happen to know, on the day of your wedding I’ll
make a point of meeting them hours before anything starts. With that, I’ll know everything you’ve planned, I’ll know everyone who I’ll work with to make it happen, and you’ll know that we’ll make your wedding exactly what you imagined.

Why would you hire me as a DJ?
Fairly regularly, guests come up to me at weddings and say “I’d love to be a DJ – I love music.” I tell them that I love music too, but to really be a good DJ, you need to love people. Music is how DJs create a fun atmosphere where people can relax and get to the place where they can really have a great time. Getting your friends and family to that place is the goal of a good DJ because the DJ cares about your friends and family. It’s what I care about. And as a DJ, playing for weddings is a lot of fun! If it isn’t fun, the DJ shouldn’t be doing it. It’s possible for the crowd to have fun if the DJ isn’t, but it’s a lot less likely. Personally, I’m looking forward to your wedding. I know it will be fun. Getting the dance floor packed is fun for me every single time!

Now, almost any DJ with a bit of experience knows how to get people on the dance floor at the beginning of a party. Most DJs do everything they can to keep all of the guests there. While I certainly want to pack the dance floor, I know that pacing is essential and I believe my most important skill is knowing what to play when – a skill that’s only developed with lots of experience. I appreciate that there’s so much to enjoy at your reception – all the special things that you’ve planned and all of the special people that are there to celebrate with you. While it’s fun and important for me to have a full dance floor, it’s far more important to me to make sure your guests also enjoy the two of you, each other, and everything that makes your day unique. So I’ll make sure to play the right songs at the right times so everyone both has something they’ll love to dance to and also has plenty of time to be with you and enjoy everything about your day.

And at the end, I’ll bring them all back to the dance floor. People say that first impressions are important. I agree, but I really want to focus on the last impression. I always save some of the best songs for the end of your reception; songs I know will get everyone who isn’t already dancing back on the dance floor. By picking the right songs and knowing when to play them, I’ll bring all your friends and family together to celebrate the two of you and what a fantastic day it was. That’s the last impression everyone will be left with. That’s what I strive to do every time. While I judge my success by your happiness before and during your day, I also judge it by what happens after the party is over. When the lights are on and the caterer is cleaning up, if your family and friends are still chatting away and don’t want to leave, that’s success for me. I know that I’ve created a fun atmosphere where you and your guests did relax and did have a great time. That’s what I wanted to do, and I always do everything I can to make it happen. At the end of the party, when you’ve made the memories that you’ll always look back on fondly, I love knowing that I had a part in it. Sometimes, I get a review after a wedding that confirms that for me. Here’s part of one of my favorites from WeddingWire.com:
If you’re having reservations about who to have DJ your event let me assure you that they turned this cynical skeptic into a true believer!! Get Mike Toomey to DJ your special
event and you’ll have the best memories of your life!! I know that I’ll probably still be talking about this event on my death bed and die with a smile on my face. Thanks a million!! cheap at twice the price!! 

Since you’re considering SuperSounds, you already know that it should be a given that your DJ will spend significant time preparing and making timelines to ensure that all details are covered; checking equipment and backup equipment and that everything is appropriate for the venue and number of guests; preparing your special music and backup copies; setting up hours early and testing everything; and checking in with you and your guests during the party to confirm that the volume is just right and everything is going the way you imagined. That’s all true with me, like it is with any good DJ.

What distinguishes me is that everything I do is done specifically to make sure you and your family and friends enjoy every part of your wedding and have memories that you’ll all keep

Like I said at the beginning, you’re almost there. Have fun with the planning and of course, look forward to the day.  I hope that I can be a part of it!

Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Ryan Allendorf

Featured DJ:   DJ Ryan Allendorf

DJ Ryan shares what he feels are the most important aspects of DJing a wedding!


Advice for Couples

Your wedding day will be the fastest day of your life!  Let me say that again; your wedding day will be the FASTEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.  You will blink, and it will be done! Then you will say “I can’t believe how much fun we had!”  So my advice is to take a moment during the wedding with your spouse, take them aside, take a deep breathe, and just slow it down, and watch everything that’s happening.  You’ll be happy you did, and you will have the best memories for years to come!!!! Savor the day! It will be tremendous!   


Why Someone Would Hire Me As A DJ, and What I feel are the most important parts of your wedding day!

One of the best questions to ask your DJ is “why should you hire them?”  What makes them different than any other DJ? I answer this question with a multitude of answers.  Firstly, you should hire me as your DJ because I care immensely about the success of all aspects of your wedding day.  I have heard way too many horror stories about DJs who were either too ignorant, or who just plain didn’t care about parts of a couple’s wedding.  Ignorance can often stem from inexperience, but certainly you do not want either of these scenarios at the most fun day of your life! That is why it’s so important to find someone who cares about your wedding day.  You can tell this by chatting on the phone with them and getting a sense of their attitude. If you don’t like their attitude, stay away! There are many more aspects of a wedding that are so important to its success.  I will cover them here below!


Secondly, the ceremony sound is an area that I take great pride in, and so do all of the DJs at Supersounds.  The ceremony sound is so important.  How many times do you hear a wedding guest say “Yeah it was a beautiful wedding, but I couldn’t hear a word the officiant said!”  I have heard that from others a lot!  Notedly, outdoor sound can be difficult, however I have a proven regimen to get loud, clear sound despite windy days and/or a large attendance.  All the guests seated in the back, will be able to hear the entire ceremony.   I have gotten so many compliments on my ceremony sound that I am grateful to provide such a great experience for our clients.  Firstly, we have the correct microphone for the officiant (an over-ear broadway type microphone). This wirelessly connects to two 600w speakers.  For any readings or vows that are done, we provide an additional microphone for those. Proper mic-ing is essential for a successful ceremony sound with over 50 guests in attendance.


Thirdly, I can keep the dance floor rocking.  A lot of couples tell me they want a DJ that is laid back, who doesn’t run a circus by interacting with the crowd and doing cheesy games all night. I agree with my couples, and will provide as much, or as little, interaction as they wish.  The dance floor will ebb and flow during the evening naturally as guests travel from the bar back to the dance floor in a natural state of having fun. On some occasions, guests may need a little incentive to start dancing, or keep dancing.  I have tricks that are proven to get people on the dancefloor and keep them having fun.  On this aspect, I deliver. These methods are extremely short, to the point, and after a few short minutes, end with a packed dance floor rocking the night away!  A great question to ask your DJ is “What are your methods for getting people to the dancefloor?”


Fourth, I have extensive back-up equipment.  In the 15 years of DJing, I have had rare occurrences of “technical difficulty.”  Those that did occur, were corrected and fixed without the client ever knowing. Having backup equipment is essential for the success of any event.  For example, I carry a bag that contains an array of auxiliary cords and different connectors. Numerous times I have assisted videographers, letting them borrow a crucial cable they were missing.  Extra power cords are another thing we carry. I have lent these to vendors in dire straits on many occasions! Being a team player is what it is all about. A great question to ask your DJ is “How many feet of power cord do you carry with you?”  If they stumble over this, or say they don’t know, it may help you make your decision on hiring them. I carry 400 feet.


Lastly, and most importantly, experience matters.  I have the experience it takes to sail your wedding on smooth seas to the party waters!  Having fun is a serious business to me! With experience comes specific knowledge of the details of weddings you can only gain from doing a lot of them.  For example, I often create a timeline for the wedding day. Planning is so important. When a high-end caterer asks for my timeline, and uses it to draw up their master schedule for the day, I know I am contributing as an asset to the team of vendors to make the day rock!  Communication and interpersonal skills are developed when someone has done a lot of weddings. If you have a friend who does some DJing on the side, that can be great, but if they have not done a lot of weddings they will be lacking in the details. Important details include the DJ checking in with the photographer/videographer and caterer before important toasts and dances.  You don’t want the photographer in the other room while you are dancing with your mom or dad!!! It is important to ask your DJ, “how many weddings have you done?”  I have played at over 150 weddings, and have been DJing professionally for over 15 years.




Yes, more!  I also do not drink at your wedding, or any event.  My job is to facilitate the party animals and get them to go crazy and wild - but never for me to get out of control.  The attention is on the guests and the newlyweds! What is fun for me, is knowing I’m doing my job facilitating the party to the next level!  And, drunk DJs tend to play their music way too loud.  My goal throughout the evening, even during dancing, is to play music at a reasonable volume so that folks at their tables or by the bar can have a conversation and still hear the person next to them!  Even if it is loud and rocking on the dancefloor, this volume happy-medium is easily achievable!

Thank you for reading my slew of words, and I hope you consider me for your next wedding or other event!  Cheers!


Ryan & Alyssa Allendorf (9-10-16)


10 Questions You Should Ask A Wedding DJ Before You Hire One

10 Questions You Should Ask a Wedding DJ Before You Hire One - Grant Allendorf (click here to view PDF format!)

10 Questions You Should Ask A Wedding DJ Before You Hire One -- By Grant Allendorf Owner of Supersounds Entertainment Since 1978

  1. How many weddings have you conducted and played for in your DJ career? DJ experience may be the most important criterion in selecting a DJ. While there might be a good club DJ that you like in a downtown setting, if that DJ has not played for at least 50 weddings, you should consider looking for one who has. We have many DJs on our staff that have successfully conducted 150 weddings, with some having more than 300 under their belts! DJing a wedding is very different from playing at a club. Many club DJs do not transition well to weddings, because clubs have not prepared them for social acumen and announcing skills that wedding DJing requires. You want a DJ who is well rounded, well spoken, and at ease in a variety of social settings--not one who merely plays music for similar crowds night after night. Weddings have diverse groups of people of different ages, backgrounds and musical tastes. Experience teaches DJs how to bring together diverse groups on the dance floor. One dimensional club DJs struggle with this important aspect of wedding DJing; therefore, you want a seasoned professional with extensive experience performing in front of weddings, corporate parties, and other social occasions. In short, club experience does little to prepare your wedding DJ for what your wedding needs. Thus, look for someone who has the experience of 50, or even more weddings.
  2. Can I see and hear my DJ before we hire him or her? The DJ is one of the most important factors in determining the success of the wedding. It may be the most important factor and decision you make about your entire wedding. Seeing the DJ in action in a wedding setting is almost impossible due to the private nature of weddings. Any DJ that suggests you come to a wedding they are playing is unprofessional and not worth consideration. Weddings are not appropriate advertising showcases for uninvited guests to assess the DJ. So how does one see/hear the DJ? With over 42 years of DJ experience, I have concluded the only way to guarantee the quality of the DJ is to see wedding videos of the DJ in action at an actual wedding. These days most professional DJ services have videos that help you choose the DJ that is right for you. At Supersounds, I don’t want to tell someone that either Logan or Ryan, two of our experienced DJs, is the best DJ for their event. I want my customers to have some say in the decision and to be able to say that, yes, that DJ on the video sounds perfect for our event! Furthermore, your DJ company should furnish the phone number of the DJ you select so that you can speak with him or her. Email is insufficient: you must speak with your DJ to make sure you both have the same expectations for your wedding.
  1. Can I see a sample contract before I commit to hiring you? This is another important consideration. Review the contract to make sure that it makes sense to you, and that there are no unreasonable clauses the company providing the contract wants you to sign. One DJ used to tout his reviews and urge potential customers to view them, and then in his contract, he would write in a clause stating that if the client ever says anything bad about his company on social media, the DJ company will sue the client for 5,000.00. Would anyone sign that contract? I sure wouldn’t as having you sign away your first amendment rights isn’t something I would recommend for anyone. It is your right to be able to say what you want about someone, and nobody should be able to take that right away from you. Speaking your mind on social media is the only way clients can keep their DJs accountable.
  2. How many reviews do you have on google or wedding wire? This is another area that can tell much about a DJ or company. If the DJ you are thinking about using has very few reviews, it is cause for concern. Having very few reviews means either the DJ company hasn’t done many weddings or they have not done well enough to get good reviews from a sufficient number of clients. I would want a DJ to have at least 50 google reviews and 50 reviews on Wedding Wire or The Knot to even consider them.
  3. How do you deal with music lists? A great DJ will gladly accept your playlists and do-not-play lists. The DJ must be flexible and willing to listen to the clients’ needs and wants. With our company, we accept lists for pre- ceremony, cocktails and dinner, and of course dancing. The client typically will give us a majority of the music, if they so wish. Timing is everything. A good DJ will fit all of your music requests in at the right times. You should be able to put trust in your DJ to keep the dance floor rocking with great music. The timing of when songs are played, is the key to a successful dance floor. Experienced DJs know how to execute perfect timing! At Supersounds, these decisions would all be reviewed at your pre-wedding consultation with your DJ to make sure you all have the same expectations.
  4. How do you get the crowd going? Your DJ should understand how to read a crowd, build energy, and keep that energy high. Your DJ should also have the skills to blend the music between fast and slow in a way that keeps the most guests involved, and be able to determine who is dancing and who is not, and to adjust the music accordingly. Such skill can only be achieved through wedding DJ experience.
  5. What is your policy on guest requests? Guest requests can be tricky if they aren’t aligned with the musical tastes of the bride and groom. How do you handle this? What we do at Supersounds is allow the Bride and Groom to request the majority of their wedding music, if they so wish. We want you to have the best party of your life and to dance, but not be concerned or to worry about is anyone going to dance to your next request? We like to allow for some flexibility so the DJ can bridge the bride and groom’s music with a few of his own (transition songs), and to allow some requests to be made by guests, provided they fit the vision that the bride and groom has for their wedding. This takes all the pressure off the bride and groom to build the perfect playlist for all guests, and puts it on the DJ. Guests are usually happier too if they can request a few songs at the reception. If the bride and groom script the music 100% then the DJ basically has to tell people making requests that the bride and groom have a scripted playlist and we are not accepting requests. We have played at 100% scripted weddings, and will do 100% scripted weddings, but we have found that weddings that let the DJ have some flexibility are generally more successful.
  6. What type of sound equipment do you use and do you have backup equipment?

Equipment is very important. The standard speakers that 90% of DJs use are JBL Eon, and QSC –K-12s. Professional grade equipment is important for great sound quality at the wedding. A DJ buying budget brand gear usually equates to budget brand DJing; moreover, high-end equipment is essential for doing once-in-a-lifetime events. Not only should good DJs have quality gear, professional DJs should carry back up mixers, backup media players, backup laptops, backup mics and backup speakers. If quality brand name gear is not standard with your DJ, you may want to move on to the next vendor.

  1. Do you guarantee a specific DJ and what is your backup plan in case the DJ is sick or unable to perform any other reason such as death in the family? At Supersounds, we deal with this potentiality as follows. We have people request one DJ, and also a backup DJ. If anything were to prevent your DJ from performing, your second choice would come in and cover the event. We also have a network of DJs that work for us and we always have a backup DJ that is on call for each weekend. Make sure that your DJ has a backup plan to cover your once-in-a-lifetime event should something unexpected occur.
  2. Why should I hire your company over someone else’s? What separates Supersounds from other DJ companies is the number of DJs we have to choose from, and the experience of those DJs. Our staff has been with us for 15-20 years on average, with some having been with us for more than 25 years. When it comes to music selection, skill, and knowledge, nothing is more important than experience. I feel we have the strongest staff in the area. I base this on our excellent reviews, exciting DJ videos, and the personal interactions our clients have with our DJs through phone calls or in-person meetings. Our company has been in business for over 40 years, and we have not stayed in business that long by doing a poor job or by not treating people right. Our reputation is everything, and we work hard at every event to continue to maintain that reputation. A quote from an old DJ I knew told me inexpensive DJs are usually not great, and great DJs are usually not inexpensive. We have done over 7,000 weddings in our 40-year career, and with each wedding we do we learn and grow as a company, and hopefully continue to set the standard for DJ excellence in New England. We have DJed weddings at the Four Seasons in Boston, Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, and in New Yok City. We have even been asked to play in Hawaii. Getting asked to play outside of our regional zone is a tribute to the reputation of our DJs and our company. (FYI Supersounds Entertainment has the highest google rating of any Vermont DJ company and is one of the highest rated DJ companies on with over 220 reviews)
    Talk to at least 3 different DJs before you make your decision!  I once remembered a customer that set up an appointment to talk with me over the phone and an hour before the call, she emailed and said that she talked to one DJ first and really liked him and booked him.  That may be all good, but what if she talked to DJ #2 and liked him more? Then she talked to DJ #3 and liked him even better than the first two?  Since you probably don’t hire a DJ every month, you want to get a baseline of what is out there in regards to price, format and experience.  That can only be achieved by talking to multiple people and comparing conversations.  3 is usually a good number that will allow you to see differences between companies.


Grant Allendorf is the owner of Supersounds Entertainment, a full time entertainment company. He started Supersounds in 1978 at the height of the disco era. Supersounds offers DJ services, videography, photo booths and lighting packages for weddings. He is a contributor to Vermont Bride magazine and several online publications. His son Ryan Allendorf is a full time employee and Logan Vanasse is the Supersounds office manager and lead video editor.

Supersounds Entertainment is the highest rated DJ Company on google in VT and one of the highest rated DJ companies on Wedding Wire. Grant, Ryan and Logan can be reached at 802-899-2823 Monday-Friday from 8-5:00 or emailed at [email protected]


DJ Logan Vanasse
DJ Charles "Bucky" Brandt

DJs Jarryd Audette & Ryan Allendorf

Vermont Wedding Uplights

SuperSounds Entertainment

Uplights can transform your party from great to amazing!! The hottest craze in lighting today!! But not all uplights are the same!! We use the Chauvet Well2 uplights, one of the best on the market today. Some companies are giving away uplights or charging small amounts for them and that is because you get what you pay for.