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Featured VT Wedding DJ Samantha Gilbert

DJ Samantha Gilbert

Hi, I'm Samantha!  
Ready to celebrate and have some fun?  Me too!
As an experienced wedding and event DJ with a strong background in hospitality, including bartending and event planning, I am dedicated to ensuring that your special day is enjoyable. With a passion for events and a love for music spanning across genres, I am committed to collaborating with you throughout the planning process to tailor the music and atmosphere to your preferences and vision.
My extensive experience in hospitality has equipped me with exceptional interpersonal skills, allowing me to connect with clients and guests effortlessly. I thrive on creating personalized experiences that reflect your unique style and desires.
Beyond DJing, I am an avid supporter of local live music and enjoy activities such as cooking, swimming, and hiking. With an optimistic outlook on life, I approach every event with enthusiasm and professionalism, striving to exceed expectations and contribute to the success of your special occasion.
I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with you to create an unforgettable event that surpasses your expectations. Let's collaborate to make your day the best it can be. Cheers to a memorable celebration!

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Vermont Wedding DJ Dancing at Mansfield Barn

Elevate Your Vermont Wedding DJ Experience with Supersounds Entertainment !

Vermont Wedding DJs: Elevate Your Experience with Supersounds Entertainment !


Introduction: Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and finding the right entertainment to set the perfect atmosphere is crucial. If you're getting married in Vermont, you're in luck! Supersounds Entertainment is the premier wedding DJ service in the state, dedicated to making your big day an unforgettable celebration filled with joy, love, and fantastic music. In this blog post, we'll delve into what makes Supersounds Entertainment the go-to choice for couples seeking a Vermont wedding DJ.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience: With over four decades of experience, Supersounds Entertainment has established a reputation for delivering exceptional DJ and entertainment services throughout Vermont. Our team of talented professionals understands the unique dynamics of a wedding and has the expertise to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Customized Music Selection: Every couple has their own unique style and preferences when it comes to music. Supersounds Entertainment works closely with you to curate a personalized playlist that reflects your taste, ensuring that the music played on your wedding day resonates with you and your guests. Whether you prefer timeless classics, the latest hits, or a mix of genres, our extensive music library has something for everyone.

Seamless Transitions and High-Quality Sound: Supersounds Entertainment takes pride in our seamless transitions between songs, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of music throughout your wedding reception. We utilize state-of-the-art sound equipment to provide crystal-clear audio, ensuring that every beat and lyric is heard with utmost clarity. Our DJs are skilled at reading the crowd and adjusting the music accordingly to keep the dance floor packed all night long.

Emceeing and Interactive Entertainment: A wedding DJ is more than just a music provider; we also serve as the emcee for your reception, guiding the flow of events and engaging your guests. Supersounds Entertainment's professional DJs are adept at creating a lively and engaging atmosphere, seamlessly transitioning between announcements, toasts, and introductions. We will work closely with you to understand your vision for the evening and ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

Lighting and Visual Enhancements: Supersounds Entertainment goes beyond music by offering lighting and visual enhancements that can transform your wedding venue into a captivating and magical space. From ambient lighting to uplighting, we have a wide range of options to create the perfect mood and atmosphere. Our team will work with you to design a lighting setup that complements your wedding theme and enhances the overall ambiance of your celebration.

Professionalism and Reliability: Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with Supersounds Entertainment, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. Our team of professionals takes pride in our punctuality, reliability, and attention to detail. From the initial consultation to the last song played at your wedding, Supersounds Entertainment will handle every aspect of your entertainment with the utmost professionalism, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable experience.

Conclusion: When it comes to choosing a Vermont wedding DJ, Supersounds Entertainment stands out as the premier choice. With our unmatched expertise, customized music selection, seamless transitions, and professional emceeing, we will create a magical atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates your love and celebration. Allow Supersounds Entertainment to take your wedding to new heights and make your special day an unforgettable experience for you and your guests! Book us today and get ready to dance the night away with the best Vermont wedding DJ!

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Featured DJ in Vermont Molly McCormack

DJ in Vermont: Molly McCormack

Hi I’m Molly,

I am a native Vermonter with over four years of experience DJing at clubs, all kinds of events, and parties. I bring good energy to every event that I play at, and I am able to maintain strong engagement with the crowd throughout any type of celebration. I believe in staying open-minded to all kinds of music, and am always on the hunt for songs to add to my extensive collection! I love listening to music – and am always listening to the music playing around me. I find myself quickly pulling my phone out to Shazam a song in the grocery store or while at a restaurant. I enjoy everything from pop to reggae, country to disco and much more!
In my spare time, I love cooking and baking. I am passionate about healthy eating and supporting local businesses and farmers. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, exercising and being with my family.
I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of music you’d like for your special day, and creating the perfect playlist for you and your guests! I would be honored to be a part of your celebration and the memories that you’ll cherish forever.

aka DJ Molly Mood

I currently have a weekly residence every Saturday at Red Square Bar in Burlington, VT !  See media below!

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Featured Vermont DJ Patrick Brady

DJ Patrick Brady

Hello! My name is Patrick,
I am excited to be a part of your event! I have over 15 years of experience in the event production, music, festival, and F&B industries. I joined the Supersounds Entertainment team in 2023 and am thrilled to count myself among this accomplished group of DJ and entertainment professionals!
I believe that music inspires connection and community. I travel for music and am in constant pursuit of a great live show. I understand fully the power of music, and how a specially crafted playlist/setlist can be the perfect conduit to a wonderful evening. A DJ’s responsibility is to approach each event with enthusiasm, professionalism, and flexibility. Additionally, the DJ must keep the party rocking! I love playing music for people, ensuring that they are comfortable and having a wonderful time.
I can’t wait to utilize my passion, talents, and years of experience to bring you an unforgettable event. I look forward to discussing how I can make your event perfect for you and your guests!

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Featured DJ in Vermont DJ Matt Gile

VT DJ Matt Gile

I’m Matt Gile, a DJ and school librarian with a passion for music and education!

I have DJ’d events from the afterparty for the WATA Gravel Grinder bike ride fundraiser (over 400 attendees last year), to a beautiful Vermont farm wedding. As a wedding DJ, my focus is providing a fun and memorable experience for the couple and their guests. I’ll work closely with you to understand your vision for the special day!
I have been a musician and lover of music my whole life, and I still enjoy learning about new music. I DJ’d a wedding with an Argentinian bride and I had an  amazing time learning about Argentinian pop music (which is so much fun!), so I could incorporate it into their event.
I look forward to working with you to make your event just how you envision it!
In my day job I am the school librarian for the preK-12 grade Winooski School District.  Working in a preK-12 school means I get to do everything from elementary storytimes, to playing “Just Dance” with my High School Homeroom.  It is a job I love, and I will bring the same joy and enthusiasm to your event!

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Vermont Wedding DJ Dancing at Mansfield Barn

Why choose Supersounds?

Why choose Supersounds Entertainment for your Vermont wedding DJ ?

Vermont Wedding DJ Dancing & Uplights at Mansfield Barn

When it comes to choosing a wedding DJ in Vermont, there are many options available. However, one name that stands out from the rest is Supersounds Entertainment. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice for your Vermont wedding:

Experience: Supersounds Entertainment has been in business for over 40 years, and we have provided entertainment services for over 10,000 weddings. Our extensive experience ensures that we have the skills and expertise to create an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests.

Professionalism: From the moment you contact Supersounds Entertainment, you can expect a high level of professionalism. We take pride in their work and are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. We will work with you to create a customized wedding entertainment package that fits your unique needs and preferences.

High-quality equipment: Supersounds Entertainment uses top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that your wedding sounds and looks amazing. We have an extensive collection of music and lighting options to choose from, and we will work with you to create a personalized soundtrack for your special day.

Wide variety of music: Supersounds Entertainment offers a wide variety of music options to suit any taste or preference. Whether you’re looking for the latest pop hits, classic rock, country, or anything in between, we have you covered. We also take requests from guests, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the music they love.

Exceptional customer service: Supersounds Entertainment prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. We are responsive to your needs and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will work with you to ensure that your wedding entertainment is perfect from start to finish!

In conclusion, Supersounds Entertainment is the best Vermont wedding DJ due to our extensive experience, professionalism, high-quality equipment, wide variety of music, and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for a wedding DJ that will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, look no further than Supersounds Entertainment!

Click HERE to contact us to book now! We look forward to making your vision come to life!

Click HERE to view our reviews on WeddingWire !

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Wedding DJ VT: DJ Corey Hevrin

DJ Corey Hevrin

DJ Corey has an extensive DJ bio and resume!

He started with Supersounds in approx 1998. Since then, he has performed hundreds of gigs for Supersounds. In addition, DJing has given Corey the opportunity to DJ at many local bars in Burlington, VT – including RiRa Irish Pub Burlington resident Friday Night DJ for 5 years ! (2005 – 2010). In the 2000s, Corey DJ’d for Wicked Sun Productions in Negril Beach, Jamaica, performing resident weeks during Spring Break for many years ! He’s a skilled beat-mixer, smooth voice on the mic, and an outgoing energetic personality !

Now Corey resides locally in-state, and enjoys time with his wife and family.

Corey also enjoys helping families just like his own with financial planning, as a Financial Services Professional at the Vermont Agency division of National Life.

Yes, that’s The Rock !
Silly !
DJ Corey Hevrin

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Wedding DJ: DJ Joe O'Brien

DJ Joe O’Brien

Congratulations as you begin to plan for your big day!

I am a lifelong Vermonter who has grown up surrounded by music. Anytime there is a family gathering, one thing is for sure: there will be music, singing, and good times. From a very young age, I’ve been exposed to great music and have developed a love of all genres. On any given day, I’ll go from listening to The Beatles and Metallica, to Stevie Wonder, Tim McGraw or Beyonce, and just about everything else in between! 

I am a local middle school Special Education teacher with a strong passion for advocating for people with disabilities. I also have a background in coaching local high school Football and Basketball. As a teacher, coach, husband, and dad, I’ve learned how to be flexible and adaptive. This is essential when working a wedding. 

On July 20, 2019, I married my best friend Heather. I can honestly say that this was the most fun day of my life. Not coincidentally, the music was a highlight and our guests had as much fun as we did. I know from experience how important this day is and how difficult and stressful it can be to attend to the details. As your wedding DJ, you can trust that I will give you the individual attention you deserve and that I’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your big day is everything you’ve always dreamed it would be. 

In my free time, you can find me at the dog park with my family, hiking in the woods, boating, fishing, or golfing. 

Thanks for considering me for your wedding!

Since joining Supersounds in 2020 I have worked over 100 events including weddings, corporate parties, school dances, birthday parties, proms and more. It has been a great 3 years and looking forward to a busy 2023 season!

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Vermont Corporate Retreat

Entertainment for your Corporate Retreat !


Supersounds has a variety of entertainment options for your corporate retreat!


  • DJs (Music & Contests: Limbo, Hula Hoops, Walla Balla, etc. etc.) A DJ can bring games and a fun element!
  • A/V rentals (projectors, screens, outdoor movie screens, PA systems, etc!)
  • Photo Booths
  • Trivia
  • Karaoke




Please see our featured location for your Vermont Corporate Retreat! The Vermont Inn !


Vermont Inn Wedding Venue Food

Vermont Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Rehearsal dinner recommendations for your Vermont wedding !

Don't forget the rehearsal dinner! Have it somewhere fun and unique!

Make it a welcome party after dinner, invite all the wedding guests, and hire a DJ !!!

Below are some recommended Rehearsal Dinner Venues in Vermont !!!

Northern VT

Burlington Beer Company


Jericho Cafe & Tavern

Southern VT

The Vermont Inn

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Vermont Wedding DJ : Jeff Davis

DJ Jeff Davis


Hello! My name is Jeff Davis, and I have worked for Supersounds over the past 20+ years. I am a high school math teacher at Mt. Mansfield Union High School, and also coached the Boys Varsity Basketball team at MMU for over 20 years. I find my experience as a teacher and coach has always helped me as a DJ. The ability to think on your feet, to communicate effectively with people, and to be comfortable in front of a crowd are all very important when it comes to teaching. Those same qualities are just as important when DJing. I really enjoy working with the people as they plan their special day, and ultimately, take great pride in making their Wedding Day a day they will always remember. 

As a DJ, I will strive to make your occasion exactly how you want it. We will talk about what your expectations are for your DJ well before your special day, covering all of the little details that will make your day one to remember. I appreciate you considering me as your wedding DJ! 






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Featured VT Wedding DJ: Sam Averbuck

DJ Sam Averbuck


My name is Sam Averbuck.

My professional career in entertainment as a musician playing guitar and singing in bands began in 2002. I received my bachelor’s degree in music with a concentration in education in 2010 and realized how much I enjoyed the performance side of music and making memorable nights memorable. Since then I have been hosting weddings, adult & family events, and performing regularly at a wide variety of venues loving every minute of it!

My attention to detail, and ability to really make an event all about the people attending it,
has proven time and time again I am a great fit to whatever you are looking for during your most special day.

Sam is also the Assistant Director of Entertainment at Smuggler’s Notch Resort!

Photos From Smuglers Notch Resort –

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DJ Shawn Chapman

DJ Shawn Chapman


Hi! My name is Shawn Chapman and I have been a DJ with Supersounds Entertainment since 2017. I have been fortunate enough to do many outstanding events for this company. Being a wedding DJ is what I live for! I will make sure everyone has a great time and that everything is as YOU want it, after all, that is what I am there for!

I have been a musician since I learned to play the piano at 9 years old. I have a degree in Music Education from the University of Maine Orono Campus. I currently sing with the Solaris Vocal Ensemble based out of Burlington Vermont as well. 

I am entering year 7 as a Supersounds DJ. In those 7  years, I have met incredible brides and grooms and people from all walks of life! I have performed at over 70 events and each one has been unique and special.  From the Ferry Watch Inn to the Intervale Ctr, to Lake Morey to The Mansfield Barn and the Old Lantern and beyond, it has been an amazing ride!  Looking forward to what 2023 will bring!!!  Rock on!!!!

Music is my life, and I look forward to bringing that passion to your events!

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Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Jarryd Audette

DJ Jarryd Audette

Gold Wing Photography

Hi! My name is Jarryd Audette. I have been a professional, well-versed and excitable DJ/Entertainer with Supersounds Entertainment since 2011, thanks to my great friend Ryan Allendorf who suggested I join the company. I learned much from him, along with many of the great veteran DJs in this company!  Thanks for reading a little about me and my experience ☺

People and Music: Among my favorite things in life, these two are certainly high up on the list. And, when they are combined, I am down-right inspired! As a DJ with Supersounds, and as a Musician since age 16, I’ve always been excited to be able to do and share a talent that I truly enjoy – which can usually be found in the moment on my face and/or with a few dance moves! Entertaining and helping others put on a great event/party is truly a great feeling that I take pride in no matter what the occasion. There’s always a certain eagerness, excitement, and wanting to do your best that comes along with helping make a day come true and to be part of a great memory in someone’s life!

Being able to read/vibe/interact with a crowd, to be flexible, have a go-with-the-flow attitude and being veritable with my DJing and music choices over my hundreds of gigs over the years has served me very well… name a type of event and odds are I’ve probably done it! Above all, on the day of the event I indulge in making customers happy and working off of their design.  I am not one to be biased with songs and genres, rather I enjoy the challenge of variety and to keep things interesting for everyone (if it calls for it)… a happy and filled dance floor is what I like to visualize and make happen!

There is nothing like Music and Dancing to bring people together for a moment to celebrate an important happening and let all matters melt away. I am psyched to have brought good times to many, and to be able to continue bringing it to others. I hope to see you out there! 

Thanks for reading, cheers and best wishes…

DJ Jarryd 

Gold Wing Photography

Cred: [email protected]



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Featured Vermont Wedding DJ Paul Pecor

DJ Paul Pecor

I started at Supersounds 26 years ago as a High School Senior, with school dances and project graduations.

Upon graduating from college, I decided to expand and try my luck with weddings. From that point on I have never looked back and I’ve completed over 500 weddings throughout New England!

Flexibility is very important as a DJ as well as my other professions. I’m also an elementary school teacher and a varsity boys’ basketball coach. These three positions can create challenges as well quick on the fly thinking.

Not only will I be there for you on your wedding day, but I will be a part of the entire process. Just always keep in mind it’s your special day. I’m here to help you!

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Vermont Wedding Groomsmen Gifts!?

Groomsmen gift ideas for your Vermont Wedding!

This article is for Grooms and what to give your groomsmen / groomspersons as a gift to say "Thank You" for being in my wedding! This is a great gesture, as your groomsmen may be spending extra money and time helping you with your big day! It's a nice way to say "Thanks, Pal, I love ya!"

The big question is "What the heck do I get them!!???" I have 3 criteria for this gift: A) Something Useful B) Something That Will Last A Lifetime and C) Something that will remind them of your friendship and your big day!

Letter C might be the most important! But B and A are arguably just as crucial!!! I also include D) something that is not too boring!! Opinion: Toiletry bags are great but they've been done before! Also they aren't they type of thing everyone gets excited about! Something out-of-the-box might be right for you and your groomsmen / groomspersons!!

In my personal experience, I have received 2 groomsmen gifts that I remember and still use to this day, even after 15+ years! The first is a Leatherman multi-tool. I keep it in my car, and it will save you when you least expect it. You are guaranteed 100% to use one of these. And Yes, the pliers in the multi-tool are way more useful than any swiss army knife!!! The 2nd is a hand-blown monogrammed rocks glass. Flasks are great too, but not everyone goes camping often, or nips on their spirits daily! The glass is a perfect way to enjoy the occasional drink, filling the drinker with not only alcohol, but with fond memories of the person who gave it to them! It makes the drink taste better!

  • Consider an assortment of items! A goodie box! I gave my groomsmen a goodie bag of all sorts of trinkets - bottle openers, pocket knifes, stainless mugs, etc. You can throw in some coffee, liquor, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc etc the sky is the limit!!
  • Zippo Lighters! Monogrammed, or not, have a lifetime warranty, and even if your groomsmen don't enjoy even an occasional cigar or two, these are great for camping and using around the house.
  • Stanley drinkware! Monogrammed, or not, these things are rugged and will be around a long time! And they have a great nostalgic look to them! Consider perhaps a gift set or mug!
  • Rocks Glasses! Mentioned previously - these are great pieces that your buddies will enjoy for years to come!
  • Multi-Tools! Also mentioned above, these are so useful it's not even funny! Try to get one of decent quality and it will last a lifetime! Your groomsmen are GUARANTEED to use them and appreciate this gift!
  • INSIDER TIP: Don't DIY!!! Unless you have some crazy cool idea, you may want to keep it simple and easy by buying some stuff with your hard earned money! You will be spending plenty of time getting ready for your wedding and this is another thing you may not want to have on your DIY plate. DIY projects eat a ton of time and can get aggravating!!


Thanks for reading and wishing you the best of times with your groomspersons, and of course, your fiancé too!!!! Cheers to the bachelor party!!

-Ryan Allendorf



Ok but really - what are some actual ideas ??!! You want to get this done now!!! Below are some options that I really love!

Some of these gifts are sourced right here in Vermont! We recommend ordering through their website or stopping by McNeil and Reedy in Rutland, VT for a wide variety of high quality Vermont groomsmen gifts!!!











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Featured Vermont DJ - Matthew Emery

Vermont DJ Matt Emery

My name is Matthew Emery and I’m an experienced DJ with the skill to determine clients’ musical tastes and spin appropriate songs with finesse and excitement. I’m known for my confidence, fun personality, and over eight years of experience. I’m a skilled beat-mixer who can incorporate multiple genres and rehearsed assemblages fusing Country, Rap, Hip-hop, Pop, 2000s bangers, EDM, and House music. I’m known for my diverse playlist and talent. Throughout my career, I’ve performed on multiple DDJ controllers and sound system equipment while also controlling a light and laser show aligned with the music. 

I graduated in May 2021 from Champlain College with a Bachelor of Science, Secondary Social Studies Education Major. My social personality and public speaking skills, reinforced in several classroom experiences, have guided my professional development as an educator. I believe these abilities also align with my profession as a DJ – someone who can facilitate your entertainment with confidence, talent, and social skills. I have expertise in gigging weddings, private parties, clubs, bar mitzvahs, proms, and lake cruises. I’m a knowledgeable professional, with enthusiasm and energy, willing to entertain guests and fans of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. During the pandemic, I utilized Twitch Live-Streams to continue to practice and market myself. More recently, I was nominated as a finalist for The Best Club DJ in the Seven Daysies “Best Of” Awards.



View this profile on Instagram

Matthew Emery (@djmemery1) • Instagram photos and videos


Matt aka “DJ Memery” was one of only 5 DJs nominated for Seven Days Magazine’s Best Club DJ in 2023 !!!!

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Featured Vermont DJ: Bucky Brandt

Vermont Wedding DJ Bucky Brandt

Sometime  in the early 1990s, my neighbor, Supersounds founder and owner Grant Allendorf, asked me if I might want to become a DJ and work for him, and in the late spring of 1995, I began this completely unexpected and remarkably rewarding journey that has now led to my DJing more than 2500 events from weddings to corporate parties to mitzvahs to school dances to anniversaries to entertainment for tourists--all while teaching English and coaching lacrosse at Mount Mansfield Union High School.  At least 500 of these events have been weddings. I had no idea at the time how much I would come to love working for and being with people at their most joyous and intimate occasions. I am surprised how often I find myself moved to tears (well nearly--I am working) when I listen to a speech by a maid of honor, a best man, or a father of the bride I do not know about a bride or groom I also do not know.  Nevertheless, one of the truly serendipitous and joyful aspects of DJing for me has been that about four or five times a year I have the good and rich pleasure of DJing the wedding of a former student or lacrosse player.  So while I always enjoy the personal connection with our customers, the connection is all the more full at these events. Like all Supersounds DJs, I take great pleasure in working with the crowd to build the party and the dancefloor in order to allow people to be their very best at their most important occasions.  It is a tremendous privilege that I do not take for granted to have a job in which my goal and the source of my personal satisfaction is to make people happy--to push them to elation and create a sense of euphoria--all in a style that most suits them.  Whether I am at a dinner cruise on the lake, a school dance in a drab gym, or a grand wedding at a classic Vermont venue, this goal of making people smile and letting them find the most joy they can keeps me working hard for our customers and brings me as much pure exuberance as I believe and hope it brings them.

My Family - Circa 2011

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Mansfield Barn Pic

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

How To Choose A Wedding Videographer

Thinking of hiring a wedding videographer for your event?  Here are some questions you need to ask, if you want to get the best! 


Do I really need a wedding video? YES, and here’s why!

Often couples will write-off having video at their wedding, due to the added expense, and the focus on the wedding photographer.  Undoubtedly the pictures are SO IMPORTANT! However, without video, you will never be able to look back and hear your vows, readings, and the toasts given!  Those once-in-a-lifetime moments will be lost to distant memory without video. Not to mention that video proof of the wild party animals in action will be lost as well!  With your wedding video, your wedding will be captured to treasure for years to come!


What experience and strategies do you have that others don’t for getting the best video?

Make sure your videography company is experienced and has been doing weddings for at least 5 years.  Video Memory has been filming weddings since 1980, and knows all of the tricks of the trade to capture your special day and get great footage.  One example for sunny days - for church ceremonies - the videographer will have someone shut the doors after the bride and her father enter the church.  This allows for better lighting (less backlight) for the bride and her father during their processional! Another example is for when we shoot a wedding.  We have a checklist of positioning and particular shots that must be made. This is crucial for the fine details of your wedding, so that everything is captured to treasure for years to come!!!  Those particular moments include guests arriving to the ceremony and reception, and also cocktail hour mingling. This helps set the scene of what happened and who was at your wedding. Again, small parts like this ensure nothing is left out of capturing the biggest day of your life!


What is your backup equipment?

A good videographer will have backup equipment that is the same quality or identical to their primary camera.  Also ask how many cameras the videographer carries with him/her.


How do you ensure quality audio?

This is especially important.  A good videographer must have at least 2 sources of audio for your event!  If any weather, or unforeseen circumstance was to interfere with 1 audio source, there must be at least one backup!  Having 3 Sources of audio is the best!!!


How will I get my final video and what quality will it be in?

Will the videographer send it to you via USB, DVD, BLU RAY ?  This is a great question to ask before you are sent a format that is not convenient for you.  For example, if you do not have a Blu-Ray player then you may want it in a streaming format, or USB.


How many hours of coverage is included in the price? 

This may seem basic, but be sure to compare services and quotes because some companies may offer more or less hours of coverage.  Videographers range in price vastly, so be sure to check around, and get specifics of exactly what is included in your price. Also how long will the video be that is being produced?  Do you get all, or most of the raw footage? These are all great questions to ask while comparing services and researching options.


After reading this we hope you are well-equipped to get the best videography service that is right for you!  To engaged couples, we wish you congratulations, and the best of luck with the wedding planning process! The adventure is beginning, and what fun it will be!  Cheers! And don’t forget to get wild for the video!!!!


Vintage Camper Photo Booth At The Mansfield Barn

How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event

How To Choose A Photo Booth For Your Wedding or Event


Thinking about a photo booth for your next event but don’t know exactly what to do?  Should you do it yourself? Hire a company? Or Have a friend do it? If you do it yourself, should you use an ipad, or what kind of camera?  Maybe a Polaroid photo booth station? In this article we will cover some of the pros and cons of photo booth options.  


Firstly, do you want digital images?  If no, then the polaroid booth with a backdrop may be an option for you.  With that said, in this day and age, it is so simple to have those images in digital format to last forever, and will also give you the option to print and enlarge particular ones that may be hilariously amazing!!!  With a polaroid option, you have only one copy of each picture, and risk losing that moment forever! If you do want digital images, you may want to use an ipad or ipod with a backdrop as a photo booth station. While the quality of phones and ipads have increased over the years, enlarging such a compressed file won’t end up with the best result!  Also, it may be difficult to hook up a printer at the event - so you are left with digital images only.


Secondly, how many copies of the photo do you want to print?  If there are multiple guests in a single picture, you may want more than one copy of the picture for the guests to take home!  Having a polaroid camera leaves only one copy! Having an ipad may not have an option to have any printed copies! This is where hiring a company who specializes in photo booths may be the right choice for your event.  Hiring the right photo booth service will allow you to get both printed copies at the event for guests to take home, and digital copies that are high quality!

Hiring a photo booth service - what questions to ask them?  If you decide to hire a photo booth service, there are important questions to ask the company providing it, to make sure you are getting the highest quality service.  These are all elements that make hiring a service well worth the cost!

Do I get the digital images and printed copies?  A good photo booth rental company will give you both the digital images, and also printed copies at the event for your guests to take home.

How many hard copies are printed at the event?  There is usually more than one person in a photo booth picture, so having at least 2 copies printed at the event is a must!

How many pictures are taken per session?  Some photo booths may only take 3 pictures per session.  Others take 6 pictures per session - so you are getting more bang for your buck with 6 pictures, and more fun for the guests!  Also, you will end up with more digital pictures at the end if the photo booth service does 6 pictures per session!

Is the booth enclosed, or open air?  There are many options when it comes to photo booths.  Small booths hold only 2 people. Jumbo booths hold up to 15 people!  Open air booths can hold a lot more! *** The open air photo booths, we have found, do not allow for an intimate, fun, “candid” setting and don’t produce pictures that are as much fun!  The privacy of an enclosed booth, sets the scene for hilarious pictures!!!!!!

Is there an attendant with the booth? And are they FUN?  Some photo booth rentals may not come with an attendant.  The attendant helps the guests utilize the photo booth to its fullest potential, meaning that they make sure the guests know how many pictures are being taken, where to look, and make prop and pose suggestions!  If you have the right attendant, they will take the booth to the next level of fun, and your pictures will reflect that!!!! For example, if guests don’t know where to look, or if they walk out after 3 pictures, and the booth takes 6, then you have lost photos, and photos that don’t come out as good!!!!  The attendant also deals with any technical issues that could arise! If you do not have an attendant, there is potential failure!!!

What do you have backup equipment???  Is there backup equipment on hand if something malfunctions on the photo booth?  Technical issues can arise on rare occasions, and it is imperative to have backup equipment to remedy the situation so the show goes on!  For an event such as your wedding, or bar mitzvah, you don’t want to lose those memories and want to make sure the booth is running for your guests the entire time!  Our company, Green Mountain Photo Booth essentially carries 2 identical photo booth systems to the job, so that if anything were to malfunction - we would immediately have it fixed!!

What camera is used and quality are the images?   The camera used should be a reputable digital camera, with high megapixels.  Should you decide to enlarge the images, this will make them much clearer, and sharper!!!  You will be glad when you have a real gem of a photo that needs to be framed, posted on social, or put up on a billboard!!


All of these reasons above should indicate that hiring a photo booth rental company can be a valuable endeavor, especially when you are hosting an event such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, or anniversary party.  I am always surprised by how much fun is had by guests having a few cocktails, and getting in the photo booth to have fun, let loose a little, and take some funny photos! A pro tip: always have props - of some kind.  There is always a party animal or two who will put the props together to make everyone laugh! Thanks for reading this article, and don’t forget…. SMILE!!!